Construction Services

  • construction works and repairs of industrial halls
  • a comprehensive implementation of construction investments starting from construction arrangements and projects through the performance of a contract for turnkey
  • design services carry out by our own design office under the supervision of a site manager
  • performing and assembling steel and reinforced concrete structures
  • paving and road works
  • construction and repair of water and sewage systems, ventilation system, central heating,
    gas or compressed air, heat pumps, deep water wells
  • assembly of concrete and steel fencing for industrial facilities and private properties, security systems, security of production lines (project and assembly)
  • facility constructions made of sandwich panels (facades and roofs) with flashing
  • masoning, including specialized refractory lining in the field of industrial furnaces
  • construction electrical installations
  • disassembly works of equipment and disassembly and demolition works of buildings
  • finishing works
  • sorting of refractory material by particular grades and types after demolition, deconstruction works
  • renting and lease of construction machinery and equipment

Repair services

  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • energy
  • hydraulic
  • constructional,
  • renovation and modernisation of cranes
  • hardfacing crane wheels (cooperation)

Cleaning services

  • cleaning of industrial hall surfaces with our own industrial sweeping machines and other mobile cleaning equipment
  • institutional clearing
  • cleaning of industrial roofs and snow clearing
  • snow clearance of roads and pavements
  • scrap burning (equipment and industrial halls)

Alignment of rotating elements working together

Production and manufacturing

  • small and large batch construction components
  • precision machinery parts
  • non-standard elements
  • standard elements of drive components
  • mechanical power transmission components (couplings)
  • pressure and non- pressure elements of equipment.
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